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Customized Management

Freshtracker is an innovative quality tracking system to which all elements of the production system are measurable and responsive. Our unique software allows us to trace the origins and characteristics of individual products from harvesting, processing and packaging, through to point-of-sale. With the ability to compare and analyse yields, Freshtracker ensures a high-quality end product and efficient production management. Freshtracker is the key to increased profit.


Provides ability to select which characteristics are traceable and accountable. If contamination is found, Freshtracker allows isolation of the problem to the specific time, field, row, picker and bin. This can speed up identification, resolution of a problem, and avert shutdown of your entire output when localized product issues arise.

Performance Data

Performance data of your packing operation is sent from BBC Technologies machines to the FreshTracker database to provide up-to-date line performance information. Continuous data allows the ability to generate batch reports on-the-fly.

Product Quality Attributes

FreshTracker identifies and records product quality attributes related to product shelf life. This information is generated live from BBC Technologies equipment so managers are never left guessing the quality levels of their product. Geographical sales decisions can be made easier and faster based on the FreshTracker mark generated for any given clamshell or batch.

Reports on-the-go

FreshTracker data is replicated and stored at a secure website for monitoring and retrieval. Instant reports are easily retrievable both on-site from the local server, off-site with Freshtracker Mobile and from your personal login at

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